Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Cwm Taf Children First: Upper Rhondda and Gurnos

Cwm Taf Public Service Board has been successful in their application to be Children First areas.
To keep up to date with what is happening with the Cwm Taf Public Service Board, visit http://www.ourcwmtaf.wales/

The third sector are represented by VAMT and Interlink on the Public Service Board, so please contact Ian Davy ian.davy@vamt.net or Simon James sjames@interlinkrct.org.uk for more information.
Carl Sargeant, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children
This is part of my ambition for resilient communities, supporting children and young people in their communities and reducing the inequalities some of them face, in comparison with their peers from more socially advantaged places.
This is not a new government programme, but an approach to working collaboratively around a specific place for the benefit of children and young people.
And while we have learned from similar approaches in other countries, the approach here needs to be developed with Welsh priorities and resources in mind.
Our approach needs its own distinctive name – which I propose should be “Plant yn Gyntaf/ Children First”.
As I have said, this is not a new Welsh Government programme. Rather, it means moving towards a facilitated way of working which enables organisations to come together
  • around a specific place
  • to work collaboratively for the children and young people in that place
  • to reduce the inequalities these children face compared with children and young people in more socially advantaged places.
I know many organisations in the public and third sectors in Wales are already working collaboratively. The key point about Children First is that it will initiate change at the local level, based on the needs of the specific place, identified by listening to children and young people and to the local community. The Welsh Government role will be to facilitate and enable this approach.
Neither is Children First about replacing the excellent programmes we already have in place, such as Flying Start and Families First. It is about bringing together all the services and support which will be effective in addressing the needs of children and young people in the Children First area, from the first 1000 days through to adulthood.
I will not dictate to Children First areas what their outcomes should be, or how they should go about achieving them, but there are some basic principles which I expect to be adhered to. For example, there should be an anchor organisation with the drive and capability to bring partners together to work for children and young people in that area.
I also expect Children First areas to develop a strategic focus, setting out the outcomes they want to achieve and considering from the outset how they will evaluate the approach.
There are also some principles and priorities which already apply across all our children focused policies and which will apply equally to Children First.
So, children’s and young people’s rights should be central to Children First, including the right to participate in decisions affecting them.
Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs are also a priority. The findings of Public Health Wales’ studies and other research on the impact of ACEs, are striking. I am convinced that we need to find ways to prevent ACEs and mitigate their impact, to give our children and young people and the communities they live in, the opportunity to flourish.
Visit: http://gov.wales/about/cabinet/cabinetstatements/2017/childrenfirs/?lang=en

Monday, 10 July 2017

Community Capacity Grants Scheme

VAMT and Interlink can now confirm that 12 projects have been awarded grant funding via the Cwm Taf Social Services & Well-being Partnership.  Click on the link for a quick overview:  CCGS 2017-18

Draft Cwm Taf Well-being Objectives

The draft Cwm Taf well-being objectives have now been published via the Our Cwm Taf website. 

The webpage contains the draft well-being objectives, proposed steps and information as to how stakeholders are able to get involved in the ongoing conversation.

Please share this link among your networks.