Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Our Cwm Taf - new website

Cwm Taf Public Services Board (PSB) has a new bilingual website: / . The website provides a window on the work of the PSB and will be a single source for information about the Cwm Taf area providing consistency and coherence across partner organisations. The site can also be used to support organisational understanding of the role of the PSB and how individuals can contribute to local partnership working.

A wide range of data is available on the site and work is ongoing to ensure that this is the right information to meet partnership reporting needs and to support service planning and delivery. The site also acts as a data library to support the PSB’s assessments and plans, including the Well-being Assessment and Plan, Population Needs Assessment and Area Plan as they are developed. Over time, the website will encourage further use of data for the Cwm Taf area and the use of open source data to support local analysis and onward use.

The website will demonstrate how Cwm Taf PSB is working towards the national well-being goals and encourages citizen engagement and participation (and co-production). The website has been designed to meet the needs of a range of users with different skills and expectations and uses ‘intelligent’ embedded links to other resources/sites, including the Cwm Taf consultation hub. 

Feedback is welcomed on the new site, and keep checking back for new content and updates as the work of the PSB develops.

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