Thursday, 21 December 2017

Consultation on Proposed Health Board Boundary Change

The Welsh Government has opened its consultation with the public on proposals to re-align the Bridgend local authority boundary within the footprint of the Cwm Taf University Health board area.

This follows the publication of the White Paper in January 2017 Reforming Local Government: Resilient and Renewed which looked at ways of strengthening local government's ability to work together to meet the challenges it and other public services face across Wales.

In its response to the consultation on the White Paper earlier this year Cwm Taf UHB felt it would be prudent to consider re-alignment of health board boundaries, noting an historic and natural fit of the Bridgend area to Cwm Taf through existing patient flows and provision.

Whilst both Cwm Taf UHB and Abertawe Bro Morgannwg UHB will be consultees in the current process, both health boards have been involved in scoping the implications of any agreed change, without compromising the consultation process and outcome.
The Welsh Government’s consultation is now live on its website at the links below. The consultation ends on March 7th 2018 should you wish to submit your views or comments.

There is a Written Statement accompanying the consultation - follow the links for English and Welsh 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Budget consultation - Police and Crime Commissioner and the Police and Crime Plan

The Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales is carrying out a budget consultation and seeking views on budget proposals for 2017/18 and the Police and Crime Plan

The Commissioner’s budget plans rest on a 5% increase in the precept which means an increase of £10.91 per year or 3p per day for a band D property. Whilst nobody wants to increase the charge, people want to live and work in safe communities.

Responses to the consultation will be help inform the decision making of the Police and Crime panel when they meet in the New Year to consider the level of precept for 2018-2019 so we hope that as many individuals and agencies concerned with keeping our communities and vulnerable individuals safe will respond with their views.

The consultation asks 5 questions (as set out below) and responses are needed by 28th December 2017. 

Consultation Questions

  • What are your views on the need to maintain an effective police service during a period of austerity - in particular, maintaining a strong neighbourhood presence?
  • Are there areas of South Wales Police activity that you would you be happy to see cut?
  • What would you consider the right level for the police precept for South Wales for 2018-19?
  • What are your views on capital expenditure plans for next year?
  • Do you think there are areas of the Police service that should be protected from further cuts? 
Responses can be emailed to:

Full details of the budget proposals and contact for postal responses can be found via on the website or via this link.